Business Management Training

Business Management Training introduces important business and management skills to entry-level workers, supervisors, or managers.

Comprehensive online training program introduces important business and management skills.

Designed to meet the subject standards for any organization's educational development program, this versatile, online Business Management Training curriculum features comprehensive courseware in need-to-know business principles such as management, accounting, business law, marketing, and sales.

Combine the self-paced program with on-the-job training and give your employees both knowledge and experience. Trainees who complete the program develop the expertise to:

You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Business Management Training course list below.

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Business Management Training Course List

Business Management Foundation Skills

Elements of Business Success 060001
Fundamentals of Business 060002
The Role of Management in Business 060003
Tools and Trends of the Managerial Trade 060004
Principles of Business Finance 060005
Introduction to Marketing 060006
Business Mathematics 5565A-B
Report Writing 7000A-E

Supervisory Concepts and Skills

Basic Supervision Skills: Management Concepts 060007
Basic Supervision Skills: How to Plan, Organize, and Control 060008
Basic Supervision Skills: The Process of Motivation 060009
Basic Supervision Skills: Employee Relations 060010
Basic Supervision Skills: Training, Communication, and Coordination 060011
Basic Supervision Skills: Cost Control and Work Simplification 060012

Accounting and Finance

Introduction to Accounting 061001
Accounting: Financial Statement Reporting 061002
Accounting: Use of Accounts 061003
Accounting: Journal Entries 061004
Accounting: The Work Sheet 061005
Accounting: Merchandising Business Procedures 061006
Accounting: Accounting Journals 061007
Accounting: Cash Accounting 061008
Accounting: Investment and Inventory Accounting 061009
Accounting: Depreciation of Fixed Assets 061010
Accounting: Liabilities 061011
Accounting: Partnerships 061012
Accounting: Corporations 061013
Accounting: Comprehensive Review 061014
Introduction to Business Finance 5074A-B

Business Law

Business Law: The Law of Business Transactions 5081A-C
Business Law: The Law of Business Organization 5080A-B

Personnel Management

Personnel Management 5065A-C

Marketing and Sales

Principles of Marketing 5057A-B
Managing Physical Distribution 6536A-B
Marketing Research 5055A-D
Sales Management 5060A-C
Sales Records and Reports 5998
Public Relations 5058A-C
Selling Your Ideas 6219

Computers in Business

Introduction to Computer Concepts: The New World of Computers 064003
Introduction to Computer Concepts: The Role of Software 064004
Introduction to Computer Concepts: Programming Concepts 064005
Introduction to Computer Concepts: Information Systems 064006
Introduction to Computer Concepts: Trends and Opportunities 064007

Optional: Advanced Accounting/Communication Skills

Intermediate Accounting 6656A-K
Consignment and Installment Sales 5972
Advanced Partnership Accounting 5970
Funds Accounting 5971
Practical English and the Command of Words ELIM07

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 0610 hours.

Number of Exams: 64.

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