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Personnel Management

Personnel Management

Course #: 5065A-C
Duration: 30 hours
What Students Learn:

PART 1 (5065A). Personnel Management Defined; Duties and Qualifications of the Personnel Manager; Line and Staff Relationships; Employee Selection; Orientation and Training; Wage and Salary Administration; Employee Health and Safety; Discipline, Promotions, and Transfers; Union-Management Relations; Fringe Benefits; The Employment Process.

PART 2 (5065B). Determination of Training Needs; Types of Training Methods; Evaluating Training Programs; Employee Appraisal Techniques; Job Analysis and Evaluation; Salary Surveys; Methods of Compensation.

PART 3 (5065C). Unions and the Personnel Management Function; Collective Bargaining Procedures; Who, Where, and When of Negotiating; Employee Benefits and Services.

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