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Business Law

Business Law: The Law of Business Transactions

Course #: 5081A-C
Duration: 30 hours
What Students Learn:

PART 1 (5081A). The Origin of Business Law; Federal and State Court Organization; How to Research Court Decisions; Contracts: Buying and Selling Goods and Services; Illegal and Unenforceable Contracts.

PART 2 (5081B). Contractual Capacity; Parol Evidence Rule; Interpretation of Contracts; Introduction to Assignments; Third-Party Beneficiary Contracts; Conditions and Discharge of Contracts; The Repair Doctrine; Secured Transactions; Suretyship; Statue of Frauds; Usury.

PART 3 (5081C). Contractual Remedies; Obligations of Sellers; Obligations of Buyers; Expressed and Implied Warranties; Seller's Remedies; Buyer's Remedies; Bankruptcy; Commercial Paper; Transfer of Commercial Paper; Endorsements; Holder in Due Course; Real Defenses; Liability of Parties.

Business Law: The Law of Business Organization

Course #: 5080A-B
Duration: 20 hours
What Students Learn:

PART 1 (5080A). Nature and Creation of an Agency; Rights, Duties, and Obligations in a Partnership; Purchase and Sale of Real Property.

PART 2 (5080B).Corporate Form of Business Organization; General Corporate Powers; Board of Directors; Liability of Officers; Issuance and Sale of Shares; Classes of Stock; Shareholder's Rights; Voting Rights; Dividends; Preemptive Rights; Dissolution and Liquidation.

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