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Foundational Skills

Elements of Business Success

Course #: 060001
Duration: 5 hours
What Students Learn: Your Place in Business; Attitude; Productivity; Outcomes and Processes; Relationships; Excellence; Personal Management.

Fundamentals of Business

Course #: 060002
Duration: 5 hours
Course Prerequisites: Elements of Business Success (060001)
What Students Learn: The Origins and Development of Business; The Principles of Business; Managing the Business System; Winning in Business.

The Role of Management in Business

Course #: 060003
Duration: 5 hours
Course Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Business (060002)
What Students Learn: The Importance of Managers; Organizations in Which Managers Work; The Roles and Skills Required of Managers; Leadership and Style.

Tools and Trends of the Managerial Trade

Course #: 060004
Duration: 5 hours
Course Prerequisites: The Role of Management in Business (060003)
What Students Learn: Planning; Problem Solving; Useful Managerial Control Tools; New Directions for Today's Managers.

Principles of Business Finance

Course #: 060005
Duration: 5 hours
Course Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Business (060002)
What Students Learn: Concepts of Business Finance; Forms of Business Organization; Financing a Business; Business Accounting.

Introduction to Marketing

Course #: 060006
Duration: 5 hours
Course Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Business (060002)
What Students Learn: Marketing Functions; Four Critical Marketing Factors; Understanding Consumers; The Purchase Process; The Product Life Cycle; Market Research.

Business Mathematics

Course #: 5565A-B
Duration: 20 hours
Course Prerequisites: Basic Industrial Math (Block X21)
What Students Learn:

PART 1 (5565A). Practical Everyday Arithmetic; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division; How Percent is Used; Discounts; Brokerage; Simple Interest; Compound Interest; Present Worth; Sinking Funds; Installment Buying.

PART 2 (5565B). Promissory Notes; Discount, Giving the Two Ways of Finding the Number of Days Between Two Dates; Partial Payments by Either the United States Rule or the Merchants' Rule; Profit and Loss; Depreciation, and Methods of Fixing the Price of Goods that are Sold; Savings, Investments, and Insurance.

Report Writing

Course #: 7000A-E
Duration: 50 hours
Course Prerequisites: Practical English (2430A-F)
What Students Learn:

PART 1 (7000A). Writing Business Communications: Common Characteristics of Effective Written Communications; Analyzing Your Audience and Adapting Your Writing Style; Business Letters for Planning, Appearance and Accuracy, Style, Arranging Paragraphs; Special Types; Business Letters as Public Relations Tools; Principles of Style for Business Letters - Using the First Person, Sentence Style, Paragraph Style, Choosing Words (diction).

PART 2 (7000B). Designing Business Communications: Organizing Documents; Organizing and Constructing an Outline; Memorandum and Letter Formats; Headings; Visual Aids - Tables, Graphs, Photographs, Flowcharts; Writing the Business Report.

PART 3 (7000C). Writing Effectively: Writing Effective Sentences - How Words Work Together in Sentences, Using Pronouns and Verbs, Avoiding Sentence Fragments and Run-Ons, Placing Modifiers, Punctuation; Mechanical Elements of Effective Writing - Using Numbers, Abbreviating, Hyphenating Compound Words, Capitalizing.

PART 4 (7000D). Researching and Documenting: Finding Information; Library Research: Other Sources of Information; Evaluating Source Material; Note-Taking; Documenting and Citing Sources of Information.

PART 5 (7000E). Writing Proposals: External and Internal Proposals; Differences between Proposals and Reports; Components of an Informal Proposal; Components of a Formal Proposal; How to Evaluate a Formal Proposal.

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