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Advanced Accounting/Communication Skills

Intermediate Accounting

Course #: 6656A-K
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Accounting (0610XX)
What Students Learn:

  • PART 1 (6656A). The Users and the Objectives of Financial Statements; A General History of the Development of Accounting Standards; The Basic Assumptions of Accounting; The Balance Sheet; The Income Statement and Statement of Retained Earnings.
  • PART 2 (6656B). Compound Interest, Present Value, and Annuities; Cash and Temporary Investments; Receivables.
  • PART 3 (6656C). Inventory Basic Cost Methods; Inventory Valuation Methods; Estimating Techniques.
  • PART 4 (6656D). Fixed Assets; Depreciation; Depletion.
  • PART 5 (6656E). Intangible Assets; Long-Term Investments in Securities; Other Long-Term Investments.
  • PART 6 (6656F). Current Liabilities; Bonds Payable.
  • PART 7 (6656G). Corporations; Retained Earnings and Dividends.
  • PART 8 (6656H). Treasury Stock; Book Value; Earnings per Share; Long-Term Leases and Pensions.
  • PART 9 (6656I). Accounting for Income Taxes; Accounting Changes; Correction of Errors; Statements from Incomplete Records.
  • PART 10 (6656J). Statement of Changes in Financial Position; Working with Developed Data.
  • PART 11 (6656K). Interpretation of Financial Statements; Price-Level Accounting.

Consignment and Installment Sales

Course #: 5972
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Accounting (0610XX)
What Students Learn: Introduction to Consignment Sales; Accounting Methods of the Consignee; Accounting Methods of the Consignor; Accounting for Installment Sales.

Advanced Partnership Accounting

Course #: 5970
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Intermediate Accounting (6656A-K)
What Students Learn: Organization and Profit Sharing; Changes in Ownership Interest; Liquidation of a Partnership; Incorporation of a Partnership; Joint Ventures.

Funds Accounting

Course #: 5971
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Accounting (0610XX)
What Students Learn: Governmental Accounting Principles; Accounting for Governmental Funds; Accounting for Other Funds.

Practical English and the Command of Words

Course #: ELIM07
Duration: 36 hours
What Students Learn: Practical English and the Command of Words is a self-paced study course designed to improve the speaking, writing, and reading skills of today's working adult. The course consists of 48 four-page study units, with each unit containing a variety of topics. All units are structured to enhance the adult's interest and to guarantee organized and orderly learning. Effective communications skills are brought to life with real world examples, using a practical "hands-on" approach.

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