Industrial Machinery

Your employees just starting out in the metalworking trades require both the fundamental skills training and the on-job expertise to quickly perform up to task as welders, machinists, tool-and-die makers, and mill workers. And experienced workers can always use improvement.

Industrial Machinery courses from Penn Foster provides students with comprehensive curricula and customized related technical instruction. When combined with your company’s on the job experience, these programs can provide your employees with the training they need to operate metalworking machinery and related equipment.

You and your employees can choose from apprentice or topical programs focusing on machine shop introduction, tool and die making, lathes, milling, grinding, NC/CNC, welding, and more.

Each of the self-paced apprenticeship and topical programs listed below is highly flexible, adapting to the specific training needs of your business and your employees. Courses are available in print, online, or in a blended learning environment. View our program list below, and click on a link to learn more about each program.

Apprenticeship Programs

Machinist Apprentice Training

Provides your employees with comprehensive skills training for qualification as a professional machinist.

Machinist Apprentice Training >

Tool and Die Maker Apprentice Training

Takes students step by step through the fundamentals of tool grinding, metallurgy, and the manufacturing process.

Tool and Die Maker Apprentice Training >

Plastics Process Technician

Provides training in chemistry, plastic concepts, and principles of electricity.

Plastics Process Technician >

Welder Apprentice Training

Provides specific courseware students need to achieve success as professional welders.

Welder Apprentice Training >

Pattern Maker Apprentice Training

Comprehensive training in the metal cutting process and the use of the necessary equipment used to cut metal.

Pattern Maker Apprentice Training >

Topical Programs

Metal Cutting Specialist

Provides instruction for entry-level trainees studying to become a Machinist Helper.

Metal Cutting Specialist >

Milling Machine Operator

Enables trainees to improve their skills and expand their expertise in milling machine, lathe, grinding machine, and NC/CNC equipment operations.

Milling Machine Operator >

Industrial Welding Training

Helps plant maintenance workers develop a working knowledge of and learn the theory behind gas and arc welding techniques and equipment.

Industrial Welding Training >

Industrial Distributor Training

Helps distributors better service and assist their customers.

Industrial Distributor Training >

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