Business and Industrial Training Programs Overview

Business and Industrial training programs from Penn Foster thoroughly immerse the learner in the important concepts and applications of each topic. These stand-alone study units are written by subject matter experts and are well illustrated to reinforce major points.

Most study units require 5-10 hours to complete, allowing for individual learning styles and the content of each topic. Check Your Learning practice exercises, and final progress examinations provide ongoing feedback on how the learner is progressing.

Blended Learning

Growing numbers of individuals and corporate customers are migrating to true blended learning; the integration of Penn Foster study units with computer-based training to provide a learning and development solution that leads to improved, just-in-time job performance and business results.

Your organization may be considering, or currently using, a mainframe or server-based Learning Management application. Penn Foster is open to integrating student data into your system, or we can refer you to established partnerships with these providers.

Explore the course offerings arranged by subject area on the left hand side of this page or review the resource descriptions below. If you have any questions, would like additional information or would like to place an order, please contact our Training Consultants or call 1-800-233-0259 Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

Resource Descriptions

Career Development

Whether they're entry-level personnel, individuals re-entering the workforce, or seasoned veterans looking for expanded skills training, many professionals strive to improve their performance in a variety of administrative, interpersonal, and service areas. This expansive course library includes curriculum on Human Resource Skills, Computer Networking, Basic Computer Training and Career Certificate programs.


A prerequisite for achieving success is having the essential math, reading and writing skills. Our self-paced programs are ideal for addressing these critical, yet personally sensitive, topics.

Industrial Safety

A working understanding of industrial safety standards, laws, and practices helps you and your employees develop and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Our Safety Director Kits offer an ideal approach for the part-time safety administrator. The kit includes everything you'll need to run professional safety meetings to protect your employees and capital investments.

Electrical / Electronics

Maintenance organizations are faced with the challenge of upgrading the skills of experienced technicians to deal with new technology. This challenge, together with the hiring of new employees, has generated renewed interest in the apprenticeship training concept. This resource provides complete curricula from the basics of electricity and electronics to electric motor repair, microprocessors, and industrial controllers.

Mechanical Maintenance

The need for mechanical maintenance skills is increasing due to new maintenance strategies such as TPM and preventative maintenance, and the cross training of work teams. Key subjects include: fluid power systems; HVAC; mechanical power transmission systems; and production line maintenance.

Industrial Machinery

Our curricula and topical programs can provide employees with the training they need to operate metalworking machinery and related equipment. Apprentice and career trades include preproduction skills in tool and die making, machining, welding, metal cutting and plastics.


Workforce Development offers comprehensive curricula addressing a wide variety of apprenticeship and career trades in construction and facilities maintenance including: HVAC, carpentry, plumbing, sheet metal and painting.


In addition to the courses and subjects contained in other resources, utilities require specialized training for careers as a Power Plant Operator, Electrical Power Technician, Lineman and Meter Reader. This resource presents several curricula which integrate utility-specific programs with the related industrial skills and trades courseware.

Engineering Technology

Engineering programs address chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil, industrial, pulp and paper, surveying, and water/wastewater plant technologies. We also offer specialized associate degrees in engineering fields.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance curricula progress from entry-level basics for an Auto Mechanic to advanced topics for Heavy Equipment and Small Engine mechanics. Service industry, public transportation, and company-owned fleets employ workers who can benefit from our training.

Business Management

The Business Management curricula provide your people with the essential business skills they'll need, from supervisory training to business management with courses in accounting, personal computing, and marketing. These programs provide the educational foundation necessary to support workplace tasks and responsibilities. We also offer specialized associate degrees in engineering fields.


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