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Computers in Business

Introduction to Computer Concepts: The New World of Computers

Course #: 064003
Duration: 10 hours
What Students Learn: The New World of Computers; The Beginning of Our Information Society; The Dawn of the Modern Computer Age; Computer Generations; Defining a Computer; Processing Instructions; The Body Processor; Input and Output Devices; Storage Needs; The Computer Script.

Introduction to Computer Concepts: The Role of Software

Course #: 064004
Duration: 10 hours
What Students Learn: The Role of Software; The Importance of Software; Systems Software; Application Programs; Security, Office Automation and Integrated Software.

Introduction to Computer Concepts: Programming Concepts

Course #: 064005
Duration: 10 hours
What Students Learn: Programming Concepts; Computer Programs; Developing Programs; Programming for The Organization of Information; Modern Programming Languages; A Programming Scenario.

Introduction to Computer Concepts: Information Systems

Course #: 064006
Duration: 10 hours
What Students Learn: Information Systems; What is a Business Information System; Types of Information Systems; Applications; How Business Information Systems are Created; The Corporate Data Processing Department.

Introduction to Computer Concepts: Trends and Opportunities

Course #: 064007
Duration: 10 hours
What Students Learn: Trends and Opportunities; Computers and Technology; The New Generation; The Computer-Based Future; Fitting into the Future.

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