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Industrial Welding Training

Industrial Welding Training helps plant maintenance workers develop a working knowledge of and learn the theory behind gas and arc welding techniques and equipment, and the cutting of iron, steel, pipe, and nonferrous metals.

Trainees receive an overview of basic mathematics, print reading, and safety, followed by the fundamentals of metallurgy, electricity, and weld inspection. Since welding demands repeated hands-on practice, make sure your employees have easy and frequent access to oxyacetylene and shielded metal arc (stick electrode) welding equipment.

Program graduates will develop the expertise to:

  • Select the proper tip for gas welding.
  • Read basic welding prints.
  • Explain the start up procedure for arc welding.
  • Describe the various uses of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.
  • Discuss the use of Gas Metal Arc Welding.
  • Select the proper shielding gases for welding.
  • Describe the procedures for the inspection of welds.
  • Discuss the procedures for nondestructive testing of welds.
You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Industrial Welding Training course list below.

Industrial Welding Training Course List

Industrial Welding Training Courses

505 hours

Number of Exams: 60

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