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Tool and Die Maker Training & Apprenticeship

Designed to help employers fill open tool and die positions, Penn Foster's online training and apprenticeship education provides the technical instruction your employees need to further their career as certified professionals. Penn Foster's self-paced programs offer a wide range of online skills training from metal processing and grinding to forging and manufacturing.

The Tool and Die Maker Apprentice Training curriculum kick starts a flourishing career in die making by offering a complete introduction to the trade. Beginning with a systematic review of pre-technical skills in safety, drawings and measurements, learners not only gain the skills to enhance their natural abilities but also gain valuable skills that can be easily combined with on-the-job training. Designed to meet Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) standards, learners will receive comprehensive technical instruction online that walks them through a true Tool and Die Making apprenticeship.

Work with your Training Consultant to devise the right, customizable program for your employees. Choose an individualized curriculum or follow the complete Tool and Die Maker Apprentice Training course list below.

Tool and Die Maker Apprentice Training Course List

Pre-Technical and Basic Industrial Skills

972 hours.

Number of Exams: 110

130 hours

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