Industrial Distributor Training

Helps distributors better service and assist their customers.

Customer service is an important part of any client relationship. The more you know about your company's products, the more support you can provide your customers. This topical program provides Industrial Distributors with a technical understanding of the tools, machinery and equipment used by their customers in the machine shop.

Make sure your Distributors finish the Warehousing and Distribution Education Core Training before taking this program's industrial and machine technology courseware. And recommend optional video-based courses to visually reinforce the skills acquired in the independent study units. Distributors who complete the program can:

You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Industrial Distributor Training course list below.

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Industrial Distributor Training Course List

Jobs, Companies, and the Economy: Basic Concepts for Employees186034
Hand and Power ToolsBlock X24
Common Hand Tools, Part 1 186052
Common Hand Tools, Part 2 186053
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 1 186068
Electric Drilling and Grinding Tools 186054
Power Cutting Tools 186055
Pneumatic Hand Tools 186056
Plumbing and Pipefitting Tools286042
Electricians' Tools006026
Tool Grinding and Sharpening186057
Woodworking Hand Tools186058
Routers, Power Planers, and Sanders186059
Jacks, Hoists, and Pullers186060
Industrial Materials and ComponentsBlock X06
Metal Processing X0601
Ferrous Metals X0602
Nonferrous Metals X0603
Identification of Metals X0604
Nonmetallic Materials X0605
Plastics, Elastomers, and Composite Materials X0606
Wood Products X0607
Paints and Adhesives X0608
Fasteners X0609
Introduction to Pumps and Compressors X0610
Introduction to Bearings and Seals X0611
Introduction to Power Transmission X0612
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 2186069
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 3186070
Safe Shop PracticesX0804
Properties and Classifications of MetalsX0805
Metal Cutting and Machine Tooling, Part 1X0809
Metal Cutting and Machine Tooling, Part 2X0810
Metal Cutting Machinery, Part 1X0811
Metal Cutting Machinery, Part 2X0812
Fundamentals of GrindingX0813
CNC Machine Tool Features and ApplicationsX0814
Manufacturing Processes2520A-D
Fundamentals of Metal Cutting386015
Fundamentals of Grinding386016
Lathes, Part 1386001
Lathes, Part 2386002
Lathes, Part 3386003
Lathes, Part 4386004
Lathes, Part 5386005
Milling Machines, Part 1386006
Milling Machines, Part 2386007
Milling Machines, Part 3386008
Milling Machine Practice386009
Cylindrical Grinding, Part 1386010
Cylindrical Grinding, Part 2386011
Surface Grinding, Part 1386012
Surface Grinding, Part 2386013
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 1286025
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 2286066
Numerical Control for Machining5041 CNC Technology and Programming
Nontraditional Machining Technologies386029
Toolholding Systems386028

Estimated Program Duration: 448 hours.

Number of Exams: 48.

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Optional Industrial Video Training:

Basic Machine Technology (Video) VS01XXM
Fundamentals of Machine Technology (Video) VS02XX

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