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Milling Machine Operator

Developed for students who already have the subject knowledge covered in the Metal Cutting Specialist program, the courseware here enables trainees to improve their skills and expand their expertise in milling machine, lathe, grinding machine, and NC/CNC equipment operations.

Machine shop safety is an important part of the program. Students who complete the program will know how to:

  • Select the proper type of milling machine, grinder, and the proper measuring instruments.
  • Determine the setup for a particular job and select the proper cutting or grinding tools.
  • Compute the proper cutting speeds and feeds.
  • Identify the components of and how numerical control/computerized numerical control (NC/CNC) systems work.
  • Describe the procedure for troubleshooting an NC/CNC job.
  • Explain the procedure for first piece machining.
  • Describe internal and external turning operations.
  • Explain the automatic threading operations.
  • Describe the procedure for cutting a taper.
You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Milling Machine Operator Training course list below.

Milling Machine Operator Course List

450 hours

Number of Exams: 46

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