Needs Assesment

Training Needs Analysis

By conducting a Training Needs Analysis with you, an Penn Foster Training Consultant can help you identify your training and educational requirements and design the most effective program for your needs. The TNA will identify:

Your Training Consultant will gather and report this information by surveying your managers, supervisors, and key employees. The TNA will also provide a wealth of important data for cost-justifying your training investment.

Individual Training Needs

Programs can be developed for specific individuals based on their job responsibilities, knowledge, and skill deficiencies. The most effective training occurs immediately prior to the time when the employee must apply new skills on the job.

Workforce Development

The sample curricula included in this website are a useful starting point for identifying major topic requirements. These suggestions reflect client programs, which have been successful in the past. Detailed course descriptions allow you to precisely select the right courseware for your needs.

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Ordering Process

Organizations may order by telephone, mail, fax, or telex. For federal government clients, GSA discount terms are applied. Please click here for more information!

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