Career Development Training

Make sure you get ahead.

You need to constantly upgrade your skills and be aware of the latest trends and technologies in your profession. Workforce Development training programs from Penn Foster are designed to address career training at every level - skills upgrade for journeymen, cross training, even apprenticeship programs.

You can use the tuition reimbursement offered by your employer to advance your career. Or if you're eligible for training through workers compensation or disability, at-home career training is an easy, convenient way to train for a new career. From the time you enroll, right through graduation, we'll guide you every step of the way.

Get blended learning solutions developed by experts.

You'll use accurate, high-quality learning materials written by experts in their fields. Courses can be print-based, feature computer-based modules or a combination of both. Learning aids range from books and study guides to CD-ROMs and videotapes.

All products are shipped directly to your home and are useful as future reference source throughout your career. You learn on your own time, at your own pace. And even though you train at home, you're not alone! Workforce Development has a network of instructors and support staff in place ready to help. Contact them by phone, mail or email, in the way that you find most convenient and comfortable.

Find out how easily you can gain career skills.

The Workforce Development website presents a broad selection of training programs and services describing approximately 10,000 hours of education and training. The site provides complete product descriptions and suggested curricula for planning and discussion purposes. Select one of the resources on the left to explore our product offerings or view the Program Overview for a description of our various resources. When you're ready to order, call 1-800-233-0259. We'll discuss your needs and walk you through the process.







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Ordering Process

Organizations may order by telephone, mail, fax, or telex. For federal government clients, GSA discount terms are applied. Please click here for more information!