Ordering and Administrative Procedures

How to Place an Order

You may place an order by contacting our Training Consultants in the manner most comfortable to you.

Our Customer Service staff will welcome your calls Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time and can be reached at

Ordering by Mail, Fax or Telex

Organizations may order by telephone, mail, fax, or telex. Please have an authorized Purchase Order number ready. For federal government clients, GSA discount terms are applied. NOTE: When you or your Purchasing Department send the paper confirmation document, please identify it clearly as a "Confirmation Order - Do Not Duplicate." We also accept orders with MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover credit cards.

Orders received from individuals will require payment at the time of processing, by check, money order, or credit card. The Order Form, including instructions for completion and the terms and conditions, appears on the following pages.

A complete price list is available from your Training Consultant
(1-800-233-0259, Canada 1-800-637-1506).

Shipping Methods and Charges

A 5% shipping and handling charge is added to all purchases, except CBT and videotape products. The shipping and handling charge for these products is 2%. Unless the shipping method is specified in your order, shipment will be by best direct method, as determined by Penn Foster. We offer express shipments by next-day or two-day air and will bill you for the actual cost of this service.

Administrative Procedures

Program Outlines are provided for each student enrolled using the Penn Foster Administration option at the start of the training. This, along with a packing list, itemizes each shipment of courseware and materials.

Send your orders to your Training Consultant, or to the following address:

Penn Foster
Business and Industrial Training Division
925 Oak Street
Scranton, PA 18515

Customer Service:
1-800-233-0259 (In Canada: 1-800-637-1506)
Fax: 570-343-3620
For email inquiries, please contact our Training Consultants


Contact Penn Foster at 1-800-233-0259

Ordering Process

Organizations may order by telephone, mail, fax, or telex. For federal government clients, GSA discount terms are applied. Please click here for more information!

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