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Workforce Development Programs Administration

With Penn Foster as your partner, we:

Supporting Materials and Reports

The following are included with every Workforce Development - Administered Training Program:

Program Implementation and Student Orientation

Based on the training plan, you will order initial courseware. A brief Kick-Off meeting is recommended to build enthusiasm, communicate the importance of training, and establish a partnership of shared investment between the employee and the organization. As students receive their initial courses, the Student Welcome Package and the Trainee Handbook should be reviewed, along with the procedure you selected for submitting Progress Tests.

Educational Assistance for Students

DIAL-A-QUESTION® Educational Instructors for each major subject are as close as your phone. Students can call or write to discuss a lesson, have a particular concept explained, or get help with any question. This popular service is available Monday through Friday, using our toll-free telephone number.

Personalized Client Support

A team of dedicated, experienced professionals make sure that your training proceeds smoothly. From order processing to billing; assistance in selecting courses; handling student status requests and monitoring courseware shipments; your total support resource is available, toll-free: 1-800-233-0259, Canada 1-800-637-1506.

Customized Services.

If you have a unique requirement, think of Penn Foster. You might be considering an in-house course catalog to support a career development, continuing education, or tuition reimbursement program. Would personalizing your program documents, management reports, assessment needs, course packaging and distribution, or student motivation letters enhance the value of your training?

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Contact Penn Foster at 1-800-233-0259

Ordering Process

Organizations may order by telephone, mail, fax, or telex. For federal government clients, GSA discount terms are applied. Please click here for more information!

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