Training Evaluation

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

A well-orchestrated testing and placement approach enhances the value of any employee development program, making it more efficient and cost effective. We offer comprehensive testing capabilities that meet the training and administrative requirements of clients and trainees alike.

Testing should be an essential component of training, providing:

Customized Tests

Our comprehensive, computerized testing system can be used to meet your particular requirements. You determine the purpose of the test - prerequisite evaluation, placement, mastery, or certification using a proctored examination. You can review and select the questions that appear in each test, the test length, and the type of correction service. Tests are developed from our computerized item-bank which includes more than 55,000 questions, cross-referenced to Penn Foster courseware.

Testing Flexibility

Tests can be scored three different ways

Multiple choice test questions are normally used and can be produced as:

There are three ways to take a Mastery Test:

For further information regarding how our testing capabilities can assist in the development of your training program, contact your Business and Industrial Training Consultant, or our Customer Service Department, at 1-800-233-0259, Canada 1-800-637-1506.

Client Progress Reports

These reports provide continuing updates on student progress. They include grades for the progress exams submitted by each student monthly. In conjunction with student transcripts which monitor program progress, your Program Coordinator has the key information to evaluate the status of individual trainees and the training program as a whole at any time.

Client Training Program Reviews

Penn Foster is ready to work with your organization during each phase of the training process to accomplish your objectives. Our Training Consultants will want to meet with you periodically to discuss and evaluate your training program effectiveness. We will also identify potential program enhancements and identify new areas for training. A successful training program is a process of continuous improvement.


Contact Penn Foster at 1-800-233-0259

Ordering Process

Organizations may order by telephone, mail, fax, or telex. For federal government clients, GSA discount terms are applied. Please click here for more information!

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