Power Plant Operator Training

Power Plant Operator Training provides general skills training for electric, hydroelectric, steam and nuclear power plan operations.

Provides online general skills training for electric, hydroelectric, steam and nuclear power plant operations.

Invest in the advancement and professional successes of your employees by implementing extensive, online power plant training for electric, hydroelectric, steam and nuclear power plant operators. Entry-level and experienced employees who engage in specialized plant operator courses will partake in in-depth, self-paced curriculums. Courses range from Scientific Principles, Mechanical Technologies and Maintenance, Blueprint Reading, and Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power. Courseware will also cover the safe and optimal operation of power plant machinery and equipment, from generators and motors to electric power generation, transmission and distribution.

The online plant operator training program is also designed to amplify the job skills and performance of the following positions:

Trainees will expand their knowledge of AC and DC electricity principles, the operation of electric power generation stations and methods for regulating the voltage of distribution systems.

Improve plant operations and employee expertise with nuclear, chemical or gas plant operator training. Devise a plan with your Training Consultant and invest in the power plant careers of your employees today.

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Power Plant Operator Training Course List

Pre-Technical Foundation Skills

Basic Industrial MathBlock X21
Addition and Subtraction 186008
Multiplication and Division 186009
Fractions, Percents, Proportions, and Angles 186010
Metric System 186011
Formulas 186012
Introduction to Algebra 186013
Practical MeasurementsBlock X22
Linear and Distance Measurement 186021
Bulk Measurement 186022
Temperature Measurement 186023
Energy, Force, and Power 186024
Fluid Measurement 186025
Introduction to Algebra, Geometry, and TrigonometryBlock X02
Algebra: Monomials and Polynomials X0201
Algebra: Factoring X0202
Algebra: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions X0203
Algebra: Multiplication and Division of Fractions X0204
Algebra: Linear Equations X0205
Algebra: Simultaneous Linear Equations X0206
Algebra: Determinants X0207
Algebra: Quadratic Equations X0208
Algebra: Exponents X0209
Algebra: Radicals and Imaginary Numbers X0210
Applied Geometry X0211
Practical Trigonometry X0212
Logarithms 5254
Working Safely with Electricity4400
Working Safely with Electricity (Video)VB06XX
Quality Concepts: Tools and Applications186036
Preventive Maintenance286085
Preventive Maintenance Techniques286086
Predictive Maintenance286087

Scientific Principles

Heat, Part 1686001
Heat, Part 2686002
Elements of Chemistry5011
Engineering Chemistry5012
Heat Transfer2545

Mechanical Technologies and Maintenance

Engineering Mechanics, Part 1286036
Engineering Mechanics, Part 2286037
Engineering Mechanics, Part 3286038
Engineering Mechanics, Part 4286039
Fluid Mechanics, Part 1286010
Fluid Mechanics, Part 2286011
Fluid Mechanics, Part 3286012
Pumps, Part 1286001
Pumps, Part 2286002
Pumps, Part 3286003
Air Compressors, Part 1286013
Air Compressors, Part 2286014
Bearings and Seals, Part 1286093
Bearings and Seals, Part 2286094
Lubrication, Part 1286091
Lubrication, Part 2286092
Mechanical Power Transmission286015
Mechanical Testing of Materials2608A-B

Blueprint Reading

Reading Prints and SchematicsBlock X25
Introduction to Print Reading 186039
Dimensioning 186040
Tolerancing and Symbols 186041
Sectional Views and Simplified Drafting 186042
Building Drawings 186043
Electrical Drawings and Circuits 186044
Electronic Drawings 186045
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drawings 186046
Piping: Drawings, Materials, and Parts 186047
Welding Symbols 186048
Sheet Metal Basics 186049
Sketching 186050
Reading Shop Prints6720A-B
Machine Sketching5807
Blueprint Reading Skills Explained (Video)VB04XX

Electrical/Electronics Principles and Equipment

DC PrinciplesBlock A21
Nature of Electricity 086001
Circuit Analysis and Ohm's Law 086002
Capacitors and Inductors 086003
Magnetism and Electromagnetism 086004
Conductors, Insulators, and Batteries 086005
DC Motors and Generator Theory 086006
AC PrinciplesBlock A22
Alternating Current 086007
Alternating Current Circuits 086008
Inductors in AC Circuits 086009
Capacitors in AC Circuits 086010
Transformers 086011
Alternators 086012
Electrical Energy Distribution 086013
Rectification and Basic Electronic Devices 086014
Analog Circuit MeasurementBlock A23
Basic Test Equipment 086025
Troubleshooting with Volt-Ohm-Milliamp Meters (VOMs) 086026
Using Basic Oscilloscopes 086027
Electrical Safety for the Trades186005
Electrical EquipmentBlock A24
Conductors and insulators in industry 086070
Working with conduit 086071
Electrical Boxes 086072
Industrial panels, and raceways 086073
Connecting electrical equipment, part 1 086074
Connecting electrical equipment, part 2 086075
Industrial fuses 086076
Industrial circuit breakers 086077
Plugs, receptacles and lampholders 086078
Industrial switches 086079
Industrial relay ladder logic 086080
Industrial relays, contractors and solenoids 086081
Electrical Grounding860
Electrical Wiring Practices8600
Component Testers086062
Digital Test Equipment086063

Electric and Steam Power Generation Plants - Equipment Operation and Maintenance

Types of Steam Turbines2505
Steam Turbine Management and Governing2506
Steam Turbine Calculations2507
Pressure Vessel and Tank Print Reading6691
Types of Steam Generators6632
Steam Generator Design2598A-B
Pressure Parts for Steam Generators2588
Steam Generator Settings, Ducts, and Stacks2587
Feedwater Treatment and Equipment6727
Solid and Pulverized Fuel Burning6473
Testing Solid and Liquid Boiler Fuels6472
Oil and Gas Firing for Steam Generation2592
Automatic Combustion Control2596A-C
Flue Gas Analysis6810
Steam Boiler Operation and Maintenance6734
Steam Generator Testing6802
Principles of the I-C Engine2525
Steam Traps (Video)VS70XX

Electrical Equipment Applications Used in the Utilities Industry - Operations and Maintenance

DC Machines4030A-B
Principles of AC Circuits4018A-D
Industrial DC Motors86051
Industrial AC Motors86052
Controlling Industrial Motors86053
Alternating Current Motors4032
Transformer Operation4041
Distribution and Power Transformers4042
Instrument Transformers6793
Storage Batteries4343
Electric Lamps, Part 16031
Electric Lamps, Part 26032
Illumination Principles6646
Electric Heating6034
Electric Power Measurements4019A-B
Rotating Machinery (Video)VB11XX
Direct Current Generators (Video)VB12XX

Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power

Local Distribution of Electrical Power6038
Protective Relaying6538A-B
Voltage Regulators for Generators4368
Voltage Regulation of Distribution Systems4370
Electric Power Generating Stations6589A-B
Electric Power Substations6590A-B
Transmission Lines4358
Power Line Calculations6256
Underground Power Systems6039
Electrical Power Distribution and Transmission for the

Optional: Hydro-Electric, Nuclear Power Plant Operations

Hydraulic Turbines6718A-C
Principles and Uses of Nuclear Energy6683

Estimated Duration: 40 hours.

Number of Exams: 4.

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 1,386 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 162.

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