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Hydro-Electric, Nuclear Power Plant Operations

Hydraulic Turbines

Course #: 6718A-C
Duration: 30 hours
Course Prerequisites: Plane Trigonometry (2309A-B); Fluid Mechanics, Part 1 (286010); Fluid Mechanics, Part 2 (286011); Fluid Mechanics, Part 3 (286012); Engineering Mechanics, Part 4 (286039); Engineering Mechanics, Part 1 (286036); Engineering Mechanics, Part 2 (286037); Engineering Mechanics, Part 3 (286038); Logarithms (5254); Introduction to Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry (Block X02);
What Students Learn: PART 1 (6718A). Hydroelectric Stations; Waterwheels; Classes and Types of Turbines; Head and Energy of Water; Force Exerted on Fixed Surface by Jet; Force Exerted on Moving Vanes; Power Losses and Efficiency; Design of Impulse Turbine; Control of Water Supplied to Impulse Turbine; Characteristics of Impulse Turbines.
PART 2 (6718B). Reaction Turbines; Design of Francis Turbines; Design of Propeller Turbines; Characteristics of Reaction Turbines; Reservoir for Hydroelectric Power Plant; Surveys; Stream Flow; Pondage and Storage; Location of Dam and Powerhouse.
PART 3 (6718C). Selection of Turbine Type; Tests on Turbines; Computation of Efficiency; Measurement of Power Output; Governors; Waterways to Powerhouse; Penstocks; Surge Tanks; Turbine Settings; Comparison of Horizontal and Vertical Reaction Turbines; Estimates of Cost.

Principles and Uses of Nuclear Energy

Course #: 6683
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Elements of Chemistry (5011); Types of Steam Generators (6632);
What Students Learn: Structure of the Atom; Theory of Radioactivity; Fission and Fusion Processes; Research, Production, and Power Reactors; Instruments for Measuring Radiation; Control of Nuclear Reactors; Construction Materials and Equipment for Reactors Safety Considerations; Use of Industrial Isotopes.

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