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Career Certificate Courses from Penn Foster in business, accounting, computing, and office management

Get credentials for the skills you've learned.

To take your career to the next level it helps to have the credentials to show that you have the skills and expertise to perform up to the task. Workforce Development programs from Penn Foster offer a range of certificate opportunities in business, accounting, computing, and office management to give professionals a leg up in the race for recognition and a better job.

Each course is designed for the learn-on-your-own trainee and consists of one or two study units and periodic progress exams to measure skill advancement. And students are supported by Workforce Development's administration services throughout the duration of their studies.

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Business Management

Introduction to Business Functions 0B10X1
Managing the Workplace 0B20X2
Personnel and Supervisory Management 5B3
Managing the Sales Force 0B4
The Human Resources Role of Managers 0B5
Basics Of Plant Layout 1B5
Managing Production 1B61X6
Practical English and the Command of Words ELIM07
Writing Effective Business Communications 2B6
Writing Effective Technical Communications 2B7
Basic Math Skills for Business 3B0
Basic Statistics for Management 3B3
Basic Product Marketing 1B0
Managing Inventory and Distribution 1B1
How to Plan and Use Advertising 1B3
Understanding Public Relations in Business 3B4
Understanding Human Behavior 3B5
Basics of Business Finance 2B0
Basic Macro-Economics 1 2B22X2
Basic Micro-Economics 2 2B32X3
Running a Successful Retail Business 5B7
Financial Competence CD0021
Investment Competence CD0022


Accounting I: Role of Accounting in Business 0A1
Accounting I: Basic Accounting Transactions 0A2
Accounting I: Fundamentals of Accounting for Business 0A3
Accounting II: Asset and Liability Accounting 0A4
Accounting II: Accounting for Partnerships and Corporations 0A5
Intermediate Accounting: Income Determination and Financial Reporting and Analysis 0A9
Advanced Accounting: Accounting for Installment and Consignment Sales 1A5
Advanced Accounting: Accounting for Business Combinations 1A6
Advanced Accounting: Advanced Partnership Accounting 1A7
Advanced Accounting: Accounting for Government and Non-Profit Funds 1A8

General Office Skills

The Secretarial Profession and Basic Office Procedures 0S1
Effective Communication Skills for the Modern Office 0S2
Handling Basic Office Finances 0S3
Office References and Business Travel 0S4
Business Machines with Keyboarding and Typewriting Reference Pack 0S6
Dictation and Transcription with Speedwriting
Shorthand Reference Pack 0S7

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Front Office, Restaurant and Banquet Operations 0H1
Hospitality Housekeeping and Facilities Management 0H2
Profitable Beverage Operations 0H4
Profitable Catering: Principles and Practices 0H5
Food Service Operations 0H6
Nutrition and Restaurant Menu Planning 0H7
Accounting for the Hospitality Manager 0H80X8
Marketing and Advertising a Hospitality Business 1H0

Medical and Dental Office Skills

Introduction to Medical Office Assisting 1S0
Effective Communication Skills for the Medical Office 1S1
Terminology in the Medical Office 1S28X2
Handling of Medical Records and Billing 1S3
Assisting the Physician 1S4
Introduction to Diagnostic Laboratory Procedures 1S5
Advanced Medical Terminology for Radiology and Surgery 1S6
Introduction to Medical Transcription 3S0
Medical Transcriptionist Learning Lab (with word processor and transcriber) 3S1
Medical Transcriptionist Learning Lab (with transcriber only) 3S2
Medical Transcriptionist Learning Lab (with word processor only) 3S3
Medical Transcriptionist Learning Lab (without equipment) 3S4
Introduction to Dental Office Assisting 2S0
Dental Terminology Charting and the Operatory 2S1
Dental Emergencies, Disease Transmission and Infection Control 2S2
Dental Radiology 2S3
Dental Materials, Anesthesia and Medications 2S4
Dental Specialties 2S5
Business Administration for the Dental Office 2S6

Computer Skills

Computer Concepts - Starting Out OC19X1
Computers in Business OC29X2
Introduction to Computer Programming OC39X3
Using Word Processing and Database Programs OC6
Using Spreadsheet and Telecommunications Programs OC7
Advanced Spreadsheet, Database, Graphing, and Word Processing Applications OC8
Management Information Systems 1C51X5
Systems Analysis 1C6
Systems Design 1C7

Desktop Publishing

Introduction to Desktop Publishing 2C00098
Fundamentals of Design for Electronic Documents 2C10098
How to Plan and Design Short and Long Documents 2C20098
Editing, Proofreading and Printing Documents 2C30098

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