Heavy Equipment & Mechanic Training

Heavy Equipment Mechanic provides comprehensive training in the service and repair of diesel and gasoline engines.

Provides comprehensive online training in the service and repair of diesel and gasoline engines.

Penn Foster's heavy equipment online training courses offer a comprehensive, self-paced academic and professional experience for expert mechanics and technicians specializing in diesel and gasoline engines. Learners will gain extensive trade knowledge, including the maintenance and repair of essential driveline components, diesel engine troubleshooting and two- and four-cycle engine rebuilding. Diesel and heavy equipment mechanic training provides your employees with advanced skills and matchless expertise. Your employees will expand their knowledge in service and repair requirements for top manufactures, namely Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Mack.

Penn Foster's online professional development programs are customizable and specifically designed to meet the high standards established by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT). Heavy equipment technician education, when combined with on-the-job training, prepares your staff with the essential skills and on-the-job tools to succeed within your organization.

Ask your Training Consultant how you can adopt a customized professional development program to boost employee performance and heavy equipment operations.

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Heavy Equipment Mechanic Course List

Diesel Engine Technologies - Basic Applications and Skills

Basic Diesel Mechanics: Introduction 00A1
Work Habits and Practices, Part 1 (Diesel) 00A2
Work Habits and Practices, Part 2 (Diesel) 00A3
Shop and Hand Tools (Diesel) 0A14
Arithmetic for Mechanics (Diesel) 0A15
Metric System 186011
Drawing and Sketching for the Mechanic (Diesel) 0A16
Reading Micrometers, Dial Gauges, and Other Measuring Instruments (Diesel) 0A17
Engine and Allied Equipment Service Manuals (Diesel) 0A18
Diesel Engine Parts, Part 1 00A4
Diesel Engine Parts, Part 2 00A5
Fuel Systems, Part 1 (Diesel) 00A6
Fuel Systems, Part 2 (Diesel) 00A7
Lubricating Systems (Diesel) 00A8
Cooling, Air Intake, and Exhaust Systems (Diesel) 00A9
Electrical Systems (Basic Diesel Mechanics) 0A10
Diesel Engine Operations, Part 1 0A11
Diesel Engine Operations, Part 2 0A12
Welding (Diesel) 0A13
Welding Shop Safety (Video) VB26XX
Troubleshooting Diesel Engines 0A19
Failure Analysis (Diesel) 0A20
Maintenance of Lubricating and Fuel Systems (Diesel) 0A21
Maintenance of Air Intake, Exhaust, and Cooling Systems (Diesel) 0A22
Maintenance of Electrical Systems (Diesel) 0A23
In-Frame Overhaul, Part 1 (Diesel) 0A24
In-Frame Overhaul, Part 2 (Diesel) 0A25
Introduction to Truck Diesel Mechanics 055002
Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel and Computerized Management Systems 086E06
Today's Technician: Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Electrical and Electronics Systems 086E07
Today's Technician: Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Steering and Suspension Systems 086E08
Today's Technician: Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Brake Systems 086E09
Small Engines (Video) VB34XX
Diesel Preventive Maintenance (Video) VB48XX

Cummins Diesel Engine Mechanic Specialist

Introduction to Cummins Diesel Engines 00H1
Introduction to Engine Rebuilding (Cummins) 00H2
Rebuild Shop Practices, Part 1 (Cummins) 00H3
Rebuild Shop Practices, Part 2 (Cummins) 00H4
Engine Disassembly (Cummins) 00H5
Cylinder Block Group, Part 1 (Cummins) 00H6
Cylinder Block Group, Part 2 (Cummins) 00H7
Cylinder Heads, Cam Followers, Tappets, and Rocker Levers
(Cummins) 00H8
Cummins PT Fuel System 00H9
Lubricating and Cooling Systems (Cummins) 0H10
Drive Units, Intake and Exhaust Systems (Cummins) 0H11
Accessory Equipment and Adaptations (Cummins) 0H12
Engine Assembly (Cummins) 0H13
Engine Testing and Run-In (Cummins) 0H14
Applications and Installation of Cummins Engines 0H15

Detroit Diesel Engine Mechanic Specialist

Detroit Diesel Engine Mechanics: Introduction 00D1
Engine Disassembly (Detroit Diesel) 00D2
Cylinder Block and Components, Part 1 (Detroit Diesel) 00D3
Cylinder Block and Components, Part 2 (Detroit Diesel) 00D4
Cylinder Block and Components, Part 3 (Detroit Diesel) 00D5
Cylinder Block and Components, Part 4 (Detroit Diesel) 00D6
Cylinder Heads, Components, and Valve Operating Mechanisms (Detroit Diesel) 00D7
Fuel Systems (Detroit Diesel) 00D8
Governors (Detroit Diesel) 00D9
Intake Systems, Exhaust Systems (Detroit Diesel) 0D10
Cooling and Lubricating Systems (Detroit Diesel) 0D11
Accessory Equipment (Detroit Diesel) 0D12
Engine Assembly, Part 1 (Detroit Diesel) 0D13
Engine Assembly, Part 2 (Detroit Diesel) 0D14
Engine Tune-Up and Run-In (Detroit Diesel) 0D15
Detroit Diesel V8 and V8-71T Engines 0D16
92 Series Engines (Detroit Diesel) 0D17

Mack Diesel Engine Mechanic Specialist

Mack Diesel Engine Mechanics: Introduction 00C1
Engine Disassembly (Mack) 00C2
Cylinder Block and Components, Part 1 (Mack) 00C3
Cylinder Block and Components, Part 2 (Mack) 00C4
Cylinder Block and Components, Part 3 (Mack) 00C5
Cylinder Head Assemblies and Valve Operating Mechanisms (Mack) 00C6
Fuel Systems, Part 1 (Mack) 00C7
Fuel Systems, Part 2 (Mack) 00C8
Roosa Master Fuel Injection System (Mack) 00M6
Air Intake and Exhaust Systems (Mack) 00C9
Cooling and Lubricating Systems (Mack) 0C10
Accessory Equipment (Mack) 0C11
Engine Assembly, Part 1 (Mack) 0C12
Engine Assembly, Part 2 (Mack) 0C13
Engine Testing and Run-In (Mack) 0C14
Mack V8 Diesel Engines 0C15

Introduction to Gasoline Engine Mechanics

Gasoline Engine Parts, Part 1 00B3
Gasoline Engine Parts, Part 2 00B4
Fuel Systems, Part 1 (Gasoline) 00B5
Fuel Systems, Part 2 (Gasoline) 00B6
Fuel Systems, Part 3 (Gasoline) 00B7
Electrical Systems (Gasoline) 00B8
Ignition Systems (Gasoline) 00B9
Tune-Up of Gasoline Engines (Diagnostics), Part 1 0B16
Tune-Up of Gasoline Engines (Diagnostics), Part 2 0B17
Engine Maintenance: Fuel System Maintenance and Overhaul (Gasoline) 0B20
Engine Maintenance: Ignition System Components Maintenance and Overhaul (Gasoline) 0B21

Truck, Tractor, and Heavy Duty Equipment Components Mechanics

Fundamentals of Braking Systems (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK1
Air Brake Systems, Part 1 (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK2
Air Brake Systems, Part 2 (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK3
Retarders and Oil Seals (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK4
Clutches and Driveshaft Assemblies (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK5
Rebuilding Transmissions and Controls (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK6
Rebuilding Manual Transmissions (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK7
Rebuilding Automatic Transmissions (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0KK8
Cab Air Conditioning Systems (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0K10
Refrigeration Systems (Heavy Duty Equipment) 00K5
Maintenance and Repair of Drive Axles (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0K12
Front Axles, Steering, and Suspensions (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0K13
Fifth Wheels, Wheels, and Tires (Heavy Duty Equipment) 0K14

Hydraulic Systems Used in Heavy Duty Equipment

Hydraulic Fundamentals (Diesel and Automotive) 00J1
Hydraulic System Components (Diesel and Automotive) 00J2
Hydraulic System Maintenance (Diesel and Automotive) 00J3

Power Shift Transmission Systems Used in Heavy Duty Equipment

Power Shift Transmission Systems: Description and Operating Principles 00L1
Power Shift Transmission Systems: Operating Principles and Troubleshooting 00L2

Caterpillar Tractor Diesel Engine Mechanic Specialist

Introduction to Caterpillar Diesel Engines 00E1
Engine Disassembly (Caterpillar) 00E2
Caterpillar D7, D8, and D9 Tractors, Part 1 00P5
Caterpillar D7, D8, and D9 Tractors, Part 2 00P6
Caterpillar D7, D8, and D9 Tractors, Part 3 00P7
Caterpillar D7, D8, and D9 Tractors, Part 4 00P8

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 1,445 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 109.

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