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Advanced Surveying Skills

Elements of Photogrammetry

Course #: 6513A-D
Duration: 40 hours
Course Prerequisites: Topographic Surveying (5461A-B);
What Students Learn: PART 1 (6513A). Uses of Photographs; Aircraft and Equipment; Characteristics of Camera Lenses; Procedure for Obtaining Vertical Photographs; Relief Displacement; Location of Ground Points.
PART 2 (6513B). Basic Formulas; Procedures for Orienting Tilted Photographs; Rectification of Tilted Photographs; Use of Control Plot; Plotting Planimetric Features; Mosaics.
PART 3 (6513C). Geometry of Overlapping Vertical Photographs; Stereoscopic and Parallax Measurements; Plotting Contours; Use of High-Precision and Special Plotting Instruments; Completion of Map with Multiplex Instrument.
PART 4 (6513D). Principles and Application of Oblique Photography; Interpretation of Aerial Photographs; Terrestrial Photogrammetry; Mapping from Terrestrial Photographs.

Highway Curves

Course #: 6812A-B
Duration: 20 hours
Course Prerequisites: Transit Surveying (5460A-C);
What Students Learn: PART 1 (6812A). Elements of Highway Routes; Tangents and Horizontal Curves; Grades and Vertical Curves; Radius and Degree of Simple Curves; Procedure for Locating Points on Simple Curves; Measurement of Distances on Curves; Field Layout for Simple Curves; Special Problems Relating to Simple Curves; Problems on Relocation of Route.
PART 2 (6812B). Compound and Reverse Curves; Transition Curves; Superelevation on Curve; Spiral Curve; Deflection Angles for Spiral; Coordinates for Spiral; Minimum Length of Spiral; Field Layout of Spiral; Spiral Joining Two Curves; Vertical Parabolic Curves; Elevations on Vertical Curves.

Hydrographic Surveying

Course #: 5751
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Topographic Surveying (5461A-B);
What Students Learn: Preparatory Surveys; Control Surveys; Triangulation and Topography; Shore Stations; Control Buoys; Taking Soundings; Equipment for Measuring Depth; Locating and Observing Soundings; Plotting Soundings; Boat Sheet; Smooth Sheet; Volume of Body of Water; Adjustments of the Sextant.

Determination of True Meridian

Course #: 5465
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Linear Surveying (6670); Leveling (6671);
What Students Learn: The Sphere; Terrestrial Circles; The Celestial Sphere; Celestial Circles; Motion of Celestial Sphere; Motion of Sun on Celestial Sphere; Position of a Body on the Celestial Sphere; Sidereal, Solar and Standard Time; Determination of Meridian by Observing Polaris at Culmination or at Elongation or by Observing the Sun; The Nautical Almanac; Determination of Altitude; Determination of Azimuth; Determination of Latitude.

United States Land Surveys

Course #: 5466A-B
Duration: 20 hours
Course Prerequisites: Linear Surveying (6670); Leveling (6671);
What Students Learn: PART 1 (5466A). Characteristics of Land Surveys; Principal Meridians and Base Lines; Theoretical Positions of Township Boundaries; Theoretical Positions of Section Boundaries; Special Conditions; Townships with Defective Boundaries; Private Land Claims; Markings on Iron-Pipe Monuments; Markings on Stone and Tree Monuments; Corner Accessories; Marking Survey Lines Between Corners.
PART 2 (5466B). Field Notes and Official Plat; Subdividing Sections; Relocating Corners; Limitations in Resurveys; Dependent Resurveys; Independent Resurveys; Deeds.

Fundamentals of Law for Surveyors

Course #: 5463
Duration: 10 hours
Course Prerequisites: Linear Surveying (6670); Leveling (6671);
What Students Learn: Identification of Boundaries of Tracts; Responsibility of Surveyor; Methods of Describing Tracts of Land; Rectangular System; Description by Metes and Bounds; Other Old Systems; State Plane-Coordinate Systems Boundaries along Highways; Boundaries along Bodies of Water; Relocating Original Boundaries; Correction of Defects in Original Surveys; Changes in Boundaries along Bodies of Water; Legal Principles Affecting Title to Land; Boundaries Established by Mutual Consent; Title to Public Ways; Limitations of Riparian Rights; Title by Adverse Possession; Land Courts.

City Surveying

Course #: 6818A-C
Duration: 30 hours
Course Prerequisites: Topographic Surveying (5461A-B); Determination of True Meridian (5465);
What Students Learn: PART 1 (6818A). Horizontal- and Vertical-Control Surveys; Monuments and Markers; Triangulation Surveys; Base Lines; Field Measurements; Corrections to Measured Lengths; Angular Measurements; Types of Theodolites; Field Notes; Adjustment of Angles and Sides of Triangles; Astronomic and Geodetic Azimuths; Latitudes and Longitudes.
PART 2 (6818B). Control Traverses; Choice of Route for Traverse; Computation of Error of Closure; State Plane-Coordinate Systems; Methods of Projection; Calculation for Single Traverse; Adjustment of Traverse Net; Field Work for Vertical-Control Surveys; Corrections to Difference in Elevation.
PART 3 (6818C). Adjustment of Level Net; Construction and Maintenance Surveys; City Planning; Subdivision of Blocks into Lots; Lot Surveys; Grading Surveys; Measurements for Profiles and Cross Sections; City Maps and Records.

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