Small Engine Mechanic Training

Small Engine Mechanic Training provides students with fundamental knowledge and skill-building techniques for success as a professional light duty equipment mechanic.

Tailored, online training for mechanics working with light-duty trucks and automobiles.

Small engine mechanic training provides learners with fundamental knowledge and skill-building techniques for success as a professional light duty equipment mechanic.

The self-paced, online program provides the basics of engine mechanics, auto shop safety, tool handling, and in-depth technical training on engine tune-up and the maintenance and repair of fuel systems, electrical systems, ignition systems, cooling systems, and other important components.

Designed as both an apprenticeship program and skills development program, online small engine mechanic training works best when combined with on-the-job training. Learners who complete the program successfully know how to:

You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Small Engine Mechanic Training course list below.

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Small Engine Mechanic Training Course List

Gasoline Engine Technologies - Basic Applications and Skills

Gasoline Engine Mechanics: Introduction 00B1
Work Habits and Practices (Gasoline) 00B2
Working Safely in the Auto Shop (Video) VB33XX
Basic Automotive Jobs (Video) VB54XX
Lubricating Systems (Gasoline Engine Mechanics) 0B10
Cooling, Air Intake, and Exhaust Systems (Gasoline) 0B11
Arithmetic for Mechanics (Gasoline) 0B12
Metric System 186011
Reading Micrometers, Dial Gauges, and Other Measuring Instruments (Gasoline) 0B13
Shop and Hand Tools, Part 1 (Gasoline) 0B14
Shop and Hand Tools, Part 2 (Gasoline) 0B15

Gasoline Engine Operations and Maintenance Skills

Gasoline Engine Parts, Part 1 00B3
Gasoline Engine Parts, Part 2 00B4
Small Engines (Video) VB34XX
Fuel Systems, Part 1 (Gasoline) 00B5
Fuel Systems, Part 2 (Gasoline) 00B6
Fuel Systems, Part 3 (Gasoline) 00B7
Port Fuel Injection (Video) VB35XX
Advanced Fuel Injection Systems (Video) VB52XX
Electrical Systems (Gasoline) 00B8
Electricity for Auto Technicians (Video) VB39XX
Charging Systems Explained (Video) VB46XX
Electronics for Auto Technicians (Video) VB43XX
Ignition Systems (Gasoline) 00B9
Automotive Starting Systems (Video) VB42XX
Distributorless Ignition Explained (Video) VB37XX
Tune-Up of Gasoline Engines (Diagnostics), Part 1 0B16
Tune-Up of Gasoline Engines (Diagnostics), Part 2 0B17
Failure Analysis (Gasoline) 0B18
Engine Maintenance: Lubricating, Air Intake, Exhaust, and Cooling Systems (Gasoline) 0B19
Engine Maintenance: Fuel System Maintenance and Overhaul (Gasoline) 0B20
Troubleshooting Port Fuel Injection (Video) VB36XX
Engine Maintenance: Ignition System Components Maintenance and Overhaul (Gasoline) 0B21
Engine Maintenance: Electrical Systems (Gasoline) 0B22
Troubleshooting the Electrical System (Video) VB47XX
Engine Overhaul, Part 1 (Gasoline) 0B23
Engine Overhaul, Part 2 (Gasoline) 0B24
Engine Overhaul, Part 3 (Gasoline) 0B25

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 255 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 26.

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