Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic provides expert training in servicing and troubleshooting electrical systems, automatic transmissions, steering and suspension systems, and computerized engine control systems.

Offers flexible, online courseware covering all aspects of automobile servicing.

Designed for entry-level service mechanics - and those with more experience who need to improve their skills - the online auto mechanic program provides expert training in both mechanical and electrical servicing.

Introductory courseware discusses math, measurements, workplace safety, and the various parts of the automobile. Trainees continue with the self-paced program into more advanced concepts and procedures for servicing and troubleshooting electrical systems, automatic transmissions, steering and suspension systems, and computerized engine control systems.

This curriculum is delivered online, with additional video coursework, and can be tailored to satisfy the requirements of your organization's skills program. By combining the online curriculum with on-the-job training, you'll give your employees the expertise and confidence they need. Upon completion of the program, they'll be able to:

You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Auto Mechanic course list below.

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Auto Mechanic Course List

Basic Automotive Systems

Introduction to Automotive Repair 004002
Basic Industrial Math Block X21
Addition and Subtraction 186008
Multiplication and Division 186009
Fractions, Percents, Proportions, and Angles 186010
Metric System 186011
Formulas 186012
Introduction to Algebra 186013
Trades Safety: Getting Started 186001
Working Safely with Chemicals 186002
Fire Safety 186003
Electrical Safety for the Trades 186005
Material Handling Safety 186006
Working Safely in the Auto Shop (Video) VB33XX
Basic Automotive Jobs (Video) VB54XX

Engine Operations and Overhaul

Automotive Engine Parts and Operation 004003
Small Engines (Video) VB34XX
Automotive Engine Types 004004
Automotive Engine Overhaul (Video) VB53XX
Automotive Lubrication Systems 004005
Automotive Cooling Systems 004006
Automotive Fuel Systems, Part 1 004009
Automotive Fuel Systems, Part 2 004010
Port Fuel Injection (Video) VB35XX
Advanced Fuel Injection Systems (Video) VB52XX

Automotive Electrical Systems

Ignition System Components and Operation (Automotive) 004007
Ignition System Maintenance (Automotive) 004008
Automotive Starting Systems (Video) VB42XX
Distributorless Ignition Explained (Video) VB37XX
Automotive Electrical Systems 004020
Electricity for Auto Technicians (Video) VB39XX
Charging Systems Explained (Video) VB46XX
Electronics for Auto Technicians (Video) VB43XX

Braking and Suspension Systems

Automotive Braking Systems 004030
Antilock Braking Systems 004031
Antilock Brake Systems Explained (Video) VB41XX
Troubleshooting Antilock Brakes (Video) VB55XX
Automotive Suspension Systems 004013
Automotive Suspension Explained (Video) VB50XX
Automotive Steering Systems and Wheel Alignment 004014
Four Wheel Alignment (Video) VB71XX

Automotive Engines

Automotive Engines: Theory and Servicing AE01
Automotive Drive Trains: Automatic and Manual ADT01

Automotive Computer Control and Additional Systems

Computerized Engine Controls (Automotive) 004021
Advanced Automotive Computer Systems 004022
The Automotive Computer (Video) VB40XX
Automotive Engine Performance/Troubleshooting 004023
Troubleshooting the Electrical System (Video) VB47XX
Troubleshooting Port Fuel Injection (Video) VB36XX
Drivability Troubleshooting (Video) VB44XX
Drivability Troubleshooting: Hesitation Problems (Video) VB45XX
Automotive Emissions Explained (Video) VB49XX
Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Part 1 004028
Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Part 1 004029
Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Explained (Video) VB51XX

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 290 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 39.

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