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Production Line Maintenance Mechanic

Developed for both production and maintenance staff in a discrete manufacturing operation, this extensive topical program introduces a broad range of important topics for workers cross-trained in technical foundation skills, electrical principles, motors and machines, fluid power and hydraulics, and mechanical power transmission machinery.

An initial grounding in pre-technical foundation skills provides trainees important background material and/or a chance to brush up on existing skills. Optional supplementary lab work is electronics and DC principles is available midway through the curriculum. Students will learn to:

  • Explain the construction and operation of motors, generators, and transformers.
  • Perform the important steps for general maintenance and troubleshooting techniques using the required tools.
  • Identify, describe, remove, replace, install, and maintain common types of bearings and seals.
  • Match lubrication methods and materials to their applications and identify their implementation and maintenance requirements.
  • Explain the principles of fluid power, fluid flow, and fluid symbols and diagrams.
  • Explain hydraulic pumping principles and how the common types of hydraulic pumps, motors, and peripheral devices work.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain hydraulic circuits and systems.
  • Use the skills required for maintaining and operating the components found in a basic mechanical power transmission system.
  • Use the related principles and applications - appropriate to the electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical skill areas - in the installation, operation, and maintenance of production line equipment and machinery.
You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Production Line Maintenance Mechanic course list below.

Production Line Maintenance Mechanic Course List

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 876 hours (excluding videos and optional lab experiments)

Number of Exams: 127

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