Pipefitter Apprenticeship & Career Training

Pipefitter Apprentice Training was designed to meet the standards established by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT).

Provides apprentices with the online, self-paced study materials needed to succeed in welding and plumbing.

An excellent fit for novice learners and tenured apprentices, Penn Foster's online courses offer extensive pre-technical and industrial skills courseware to empower employees with a strong knowledgebase. The self-paced offerings include specialized programs that cover a wide variety of scientific and practical instruction. Through pipefitter apprenticeship, learners will embark on a well-rounded curriculum that covers elements of chemistry and mechanics as well as reading architecture blueprints and gas metal welding fundamentals.

Penn Foster's pipefitter apprenticeship programs are specifically designed to meet the standards established by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) to ensure your employees are fully equipped with the necessary skills to succeed within your organization. A combination of Penn Foster's online related technical instruction and on-the-job training equips trainees with the proper qualifications to thrive as certified professionals.

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Pipefitter Apprentice Training Course List


Basic Industrial MathBlock X21
Addition and Subtraction 186008
Multiplication and Division 186009
Fractions, Percents, Proportions, and Angles 186010
Metric System 186011
Formulas 186012
Introduction to Algebra 186013
Practical MeasurementsBlock X22
Linear and Distance Measurement 186021
Bulk Measurement 186022
Temperature Measurement 186023
Energy, Force, and Power 186024
Fluid Measurement 186025
Trades Safety: Getting Started186001
Working Safely with Chemicals186002
Fire Safety186003
Material Handling Safety186006
Electrical Safety for the Trades186005
Working Safely with Electricity (Video)VB06XX
Jobs, Companies, and the Economy: Basic Concepts for Employees186034
Quality Concepts: Tools and Applications186036
Common Hand Tools, Part 1186052
Common Hand Tools, Part 2186053
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 1186068
Electric Drilling and Grinding Tools186054
Power Cutting Tools186055
Pneumatic Hand Tools186056
Electricians' Tools006026
Tool Grinding and Sharpening186057
Woodworking Hand Tools186058
Routers, Power Planers, and Sanders186059
Jacks, Hoists, and Pullers186060
Bench Work, Part 35004C
Preventive Maintenance286085
Preventive Maintenance Techniques286086
Reading Prints and SchematicsBlock X25
Introduction to Print Reading 186039
Dimensioning 186040
Tolerancing and Symbols 186041
Sectional Views and Simplified Drafting 186042
Building Drawings 186043
Electrical Drawings and Circuits 186044
Electronic Drawings 186045
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drawings 186046
Piping: Drawings, Materials, and Parts 186047
Welding Symbols 186048
Sheet Metal Basics 186049
Sketching 186050
Blueprint Reading Skills Explained (Video)VB04XX


Reading Architects' Blueprints (includes 5 blueprints)1842A-C
Properties of Materials686005
Elements of Chemistry5011
Principles of Mechanics, Part 1286007
Principles of Mechanics, Part 2286008
Specification Writing (includes 13 drawings)2175A-B
Reading Piping Prints6732
Industrial Plumbing and PipefittingBlock D20
The Trades of Plumbing and Pipefitting 286040
Pipes, Fittings, and Valves 286041
Plumbing and Pipefitting Tools 286042
Joining and Assembling Pipes 286043
Supporting, Installing, and Testing Pipes 286044
Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances 286045
Tanks, Pumps, and Boilers 286046
Insulation for Piping and Ducting 286047
High Pressure Pipefitting2452
Insulation for Pipefitting6814
Domestic and Institutional Water Supply5390
Cold Water Supply5384
Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures4515A-B
Safe Handling of Pressurized Gasses and Welding186004
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 1286025
Fundamentals of Welding, Part 2286066
Welding Shop Safety (Video)VB26XX
Gas Welding Equipment6272A-B
Gas Welding Techniques6276A-C
Common Thermal Cutting Processes286028
Nature of Electricity086001
Circuit Analysis and Ohm's Law086002
Conductors, Insulators, and Batteries086005
Alternating Current086007
Alternating Current Circuits086008
Arc Welding Equipment, Part 1286032
Arc Welding Equipment, Part 2286033
Arc Welding Equipment, Part 3286053
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Techniques, Part 1V286030
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Techniques, Part 2286031
Gas Metal Arc Welding Fundamentals (GMAW or Mig)286059
Introduction to Oxyfuel Welding (Video)VS08XX
Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc (Video)VS12XX
Introduction to GMAW (Video)VS14XX
Pipe Welding (Video)VS19XX
Principles of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning6447A-B
Air Conditioning Systems6084A-B
Basic Air Conditioning (Video)VB25XX
Radiators, Convectors, and Unit Heaters6465
National Fuel Gas Code6593
National Standard Plumbing Code (2000 Code and Textbook Course)286M06

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 776 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 99.

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