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Hydraulic Systems Repair and Maintenance Training

Learners enrolled in hydraulic classes with Penn Foster Workforce Development can look forward to a growing career in the hydraulics field. Hydraulic system technicians will elevate their specializations in the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic circuits and fluid power systems.

Hydraulic system training ensures trainees have detailed working knowledge of hydraulic systems concepts like physics and energy transmission. This dynamic online program, which combined with on-the-job training, can even cross-train electrical and electronics maintenance specialists to enhance their mastery of managing hydraulic system evaluation and operation. Professionally qualified hydraulic systems repair and maintenance specialists also learn to analyze system design specifications and performance requirements, ensuring your systems always comply with standard industry practices.

Learners begin the self-paced program with courses in Introduction to Fluid Power and then move on to accomplish classes covering fluid mechanics, hydraulic components, hydraulic power system control and troubleshooting, and pumps. Upon completing the online hydraulics training program, employees will thoroughly understand the principles of fluid power, flow, symbols, and diagrams, as well as the functioning of various types of hydraulic pumps, motors and peripheral devices.

Request more information from your Training Consultant to learn how you can advance the skills and performance knowledge of your hydraulic system specialists!

Hydraulic Systems Repair and Maintenance Training Course List

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 152 hours (excluding videos)

Number of Exams: 20

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