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Quality Control Inspector training program for those tasked with evaluating and improving quality within a manufacturing organization.

Tailored, online training focused on employees tasked with evaluating and improving quality within a manufacturing organization.

Penn Foster's Workforce Development program offers quality control courses that provide learners with the analytical skills and statistical techniques to monitor, inspect and test products and manufacturing processes. From food processing and pharmaceuticals to manufacturing and healthcare, these industry-wide courses are designed to assure that the quality control technician employs best practices for grading products and processes against specified requirements established by the organization, supplier and/or purchaser.

Trainees gain the necessary technical information while learning at their own pace how to develop and implement a high-performance quality control system. Introductory quality control courses encompass curriculum covering basic industrial math and practical measurements. Learners then move forward to learn coursework in Elements of Print Reading, Precision Measuring Instruments and Quality Control of Manufactured Products. Academic quality assurance and quality control concepts include process variation analytics, statistical principles of normal distribution and probability, and acceptance sampling for manufacturing operations.

The online quality control training program is designed for:

Advance the expertise of your organizationís quality control technicians and inspectors by enrolling them in the quality control program today and completing the QC training course list.

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Quality Control Inspector Course List

Basic Industrial MathBlock X21
Addition and Subtraction 186008
Multiplication and Division 186009
Fractions, Percents, Proportions, and Angles 186010
Metric System 186011
Formulas 186012
Introduction to Algebra 186013
Practical MeasurementsBlock X22
Linear and Distance Measurement 186021
Bulk Measurement 186022
Temperature Measurement 186023
Energy, Force, and Power 186024
Fluid Measurement 186025
Elements of Print Reading6719A-B
Reading Shop Prints6720A-B
Blueprint Reading Skills Explained (Video)VB04XX
Quality Concepts: Terminology for Management186035
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 1186068
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 2186069
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 3186070
Time Study, Part 1066016
Time Study, Part 2066017
Operation Analysis2552A-B
Quality Control of Manufactured Products2590
Manufacturing Systems Technology (Video)VB30XX
Quality Control for the Technician038600
Statistical Process Control: An Implementation Guide for Managers and Supervisors (Video)VB01XX

Estimated Program Duration: 260 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 32.

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