Pulp and Paper Technician / Engineer

Pulp and Paper Technician / Engineer builds technical expertise in pulp preparation and paper manufacturing.

Builds technical expertise in pulp preparation and paper manufacturing.

Pulp and paper mill production supervisors and technicians receive a firm grounding and applied instruction on the preparation of pulp and its uses in the manufacture of paper. Developed to meet requirements for any organization's skill development program, this flexible apprentice curriculum is great for plant engineering staff involved in mill machinery, too!

Taken together with valuable on-the-job training, Pulp and Paper Technician / Engineer training is a valuable first step on a career path. A high school diploma or GED Equivalent Certificate is required for all participating students. Upon successful completion of the program, they'll be able to:

You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Pulp and Paper Technician / Engineer course list below.

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Pulp and Paper Technician / Engineer Course List

Mathematics and Technical Foundation Skills

Quality Concepts: Terminology for Management186035
Basic Industrial MathBlock X21
Addition and Subtraction 186008
Multiplication and Division 186009
Fractions, Percents, Proportions, and Angles 186010
Metric System 186011
Formulas 186012
Introduction to Algebra 186013
Introduction to Algebra, Geometry, and TrigonometryBlock X02
Algebra: Monomials and Polynomials X0201
Algebra: Factoring X0202
Algebra: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions X0203
Algebra: Multiplication and Division of Fractions X0204
Algebra: Linear Equations X0205
Algebra: Simultaneous Linear Equations X0206
Algebra: Determinants X0207
Algebra: Quadratic Equations X0208
Algebra: Exponents X0209
Algebra: Radicals and Imaginary Numbers X0210
Applied Geometry X0211
Practical Trigonometry X0212
Manufacturing Systems Technology (Video)VB30XX
Trades Safety: Getting Started186001
Working Safely with Chemicals186002
Fire Safety186003
Preventive Maintenance286085
Preventive Maintenance Techniques286086

Principles of Chemistry and Physics

Elements of Chemistry5011
Engineering Chemistry5012
Physics, Part 1686003
Physics, Part 2686004

Basic Mechanical Principles

Fluid Mechanics, Part 1286010
Fluid Mechanics, Part 2286011
Fluid Mechanics, Part 3286012
Elements of Print Reading6719A-B
Reading Piping Prints6732

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Applications and Concepts

Pulp and Paper Manufacture, Volume 15007A-L
Pulp and Paper Manufacture, Volume 25009A-I
Pulp and Paper Manufacture, Volume 35010A-L
Predictive Maintenance286087
Predictive Maintenance: Vibration Analysis286088
Predictive Maintenance: Advanced Topics286089

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 653 hours (excluding video).

Number of Exams: 63.

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