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Basic Drafting Skills and Practices

Elements of Print Reading

Course #: 6719A-B
Duration: 20 hours
What Students Learn: PART 1 (6719A). Need for Prints; Methods of Making Prints; Perspective Drawings; Isometric Drawing; Orthographic Projection Drawings; Working Drawings; Sketches; Dimensions and Scales; Fits and Tolerances; Surface Finishes.
PART 2 (6719B). Symbols and Common Conventions; Ways of Showing Taper; Full Sections; Partial Sections; Conventional Sections; Examples in Print Reading; Steel Liner, Pin, Bottom Plate Support; Adjusting Wedge, Drive Shaft for Pump, V-Belt Sheave; Scales for Metric Drawing.

Reading Shop Prints

Course #: 6720A-B
Duration: 20 hours
Course Prerequisites: Elements of Print Reading (6719A-B); Basic Industrial Math (Block X21); Practical Measurements (Block X22);
What Students Learn: PART 1 (6720A). Unilateral and Bilateral Tolerances; Reading Detail Working Drawings; Pulley Bar: Studying the Print, Material Needed, Machining Operations; Idler Shaft: Reading the Print, Producing the Idler Shaft; Wheel Puller: Plate Details and Layout, Machining Operations, Finishing Operations.
PART 2 (6720B). Examples of Prints: Bumper Band, Door-Latch Bracket, Roller; Chain Tightener, Bracket, Lateral; Gears: Spur-Gear Terms, Bevel-Gear Terms, Detail Drawing of Bevel Pinion, Worm and Worm Wheel, Assembly Drawings, Machining Operations, Assembly Procedures.

Drafting Kit

Course #: 1200M
Duration: 0 hours
What Students Learn: This drawing board includes a straight-edge rather than a separate T-square, a setup preferred by professionals. The drawing instruments are tools trainees will use on the job. The drafting outfit includes: one set of drawing instruments, one 18" x 24" drawing board/straight-edge combination, one 6" protractor, one 10" 300/600 triangle, one 8" 450 triangle, one 12" architect's scale, one 12" engineer's scale, one 300 mm metric scale, one irregular curve, one lettering guide, one erasing shield, one roll >" drafting tape, two mechanical pencils, two tubes of lead, one lead pointer, one pink eraser, and one pad 25 sheets of 15" x 20" transparent paper.

Special Notes: The Drafting Kit must be used for the study of all texts that teach drafting techniques, in which the trainee is required to prepare drawings or architectural plates. Refer to the special notes of the individual print course when this kit is required.

Technical Drawing: Basic Concepts for Drafting and CAD

Course #: VB59XX
Duration: 1.33 hours
What Students Learn: Designed to be a fundamentals program applicable to students creating drawings either manually and/or with a CAD program, this program covers basic elements of technical drawing common to both manual drafting and CAD. Examples from both architectural and mechanical disciplines are shown throughout the program.
Components: Drawing Lines and Scales (VB5901); Creating Multiview Drawings (VB5903); Freehand Sketching (VB5902); Dimensioning and Drawing Layout (VB5904);

Geometrical Drawing

Course #: 5544A-B
Duration: 110 hours
What Students Learn: Geometrical Terms; Lines, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Ellipse, and Parabola, Solids; Drawing Equipment: Paper, Drawing Board, T-Square, Triangles, Scales, Compasses, Dividers, Protractor, Irregular Curve and Drafting Machine; Ruling; Straight Lines; Care of Drawing Instruments; Protecting Drawings; Erasing; Styles of Lettering; Relative Widths and Spacing of Letters; Vertical Single-Stroke Lettering; Inclined Single-Stroke Lettering; Five Drawing Plates Consisting of 26 Problems.

Special Notes: Covers subject at an advanced, in-depth level.
Includes 5 plates, and requires drafting kit.

Elements of Projection Drawing

Course #: 5649
Duration: 85 hours
Course Prerequisites: Geometrical Drawing (5544A-B); Practical Measurements (Block X22);
What Students Learn: Views of Objects; Lines Used on Projection Drawings; Orthographic Projection Problems; Pictorial Drawing; Five Drawing Plates: 704, Projection of Simple Solids; 705, Foreshortened Views in Projection; 706, Sections of Cones and Cylinder; 707, Intersections and Developments; 708, Isometric and Oblique Projection.

Special Notes:

  • Covers subject at an advanced, in-depth level.
  • Includes 5 plates and requires drafting kit.

  • Machine Sketching

    Course #: 5807
    Duration: 10 hours
    What Students Learn: Sketches of Machine Details; Drawing Straight and Curved Lines; Finish Marks; Surface Roughness; Arrangement of Dimensions; Partial Section; Conventional Sections; Shaft Coupling; Spur Gear; Bevel Gear; Pieces Requiring More Than Two Views; Foreshortening; Measurements; Curved Outlines and Fillets; Pictorial Sketching; Isometric Drawing; Oblique Drawing; Conventional Symbols; Piping Diagrams.

    Elementary Mechanical Drawing

    Course #: 5434
    Duration: 130 hours
    Course Prerequisites: Practical Measurements (Block X22);
    What Students Learn: Drawing Equipment; Lettering; Eight Drawing Plates: 721, 722, and 723, Geometrical Drawing Problems; 724, Projections of Simple Solids; 725, Foreshortened Views in Projection; 726, Common Conventions; 727, Lifting and Test Cover; 728, Hanger Assembly.

    Special Notes: Includes 8 plates and requires drafting kit.

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