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Plumber Apprenticeship & Training

Learners enrolled in the online plumbing training program develop the technical skills to repair and install fixtures, appliances and water, drain waste, vent, and gas piping systems. Plumbing courses will also teach trainees in-depth curriculum covering mechanics, chemistry, electricity, heating, and ventilation designed to meet the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) standards. These self-paced plumbing courses introduce trainees to the program beginning with preliminary technical studies of basic mathematics, measurements and safety.

When combined with hands-on training in compliance with updated National Standard Plumbing codes, learners will gain academic experience in:

  • Pipefitting, welding and steamfitting
  • Assembling and testing pipe joints and systems
  • Tanks, pumps and plumbing maintenance
  • Gas and arc welding and cutting
  • Refrigeration, heating and air conditioning tools, materials and fundamentals
Advance your employees' skills and improve on-the-job performance by speaking with your Training Consultant about how to devise a tailored plumber training program.

Plumber Apprentice Training Course List

Pre-Technical and Basic Industrial Skills
Plumbing, Welding, and HVAC

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 781 hours (Excluding Videos)

Number of Exams: 100

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