Human Resource Skills

Human Resources Skills from Penn Foster offer a broad range of subjects and courses to help you improve your workplace environment.

Improve your workplace environment

It's a given that a sales rep's relationships with clients can make or break a sale, or that customer service personnel need to be truly customer-focused, service-oriented, and polite on the phone. But everyone, no matter what his/her position within a company, can benefit from improved human resources and interpersonal skills. A manager has to find a way to get along with reports. Assistants need to know how to promote their strengths to their supervisors. And we can all learn from working as a team.

Choose from a broad range of subjects and courses - covering everything from dealing with difficult co-workers and managers to negotiation and selling techniques - designed to help you improve your workplace environment. Click on a link below to learn more about a specific course, its content, delivery method, and materials.

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Handling Difficult People

Difficult People; How to Deal with ThemAM010
That's No Problem! A Problem-Free Approach to Problem SolvingPROBL-44
It's a Jungle Out There! Dealing with Difficult People JUNGL
Supervising Difficult EmployeesDIFEM

Developing a Positive Attitude

Attitude: A Little Thing That Makes a Big DifferenceBA012
Attitude: The Choice is Yours (Audio)EITH2-40
Attitude: The Choice is Yours (Text)EITH2-44
Activities to Enhance the Good, Bad and Ugly Attitudes InstructorBA072-32

Communication Skills

Effective Communication: It's Your Responsibility BA068
Giving and Receiving Criticism BA042
How to Talk: Secrets of the Great Communicator BA035
Communication That Works BA021-40
The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback FBACK-44
Writing for Business Results BUSWR
Better Business Writing
Effective Meeting Skills

Conflict Management

The Creative Use of Conflict BA022-40
Conflict Management: The Your Turn, My Turn Resolution BA067
Giving and Receiving Criticism BA042
Managing Workplace Conflict SOLV-44

Negotiating with Confidence

Negotiate with Confidence (Audio)NEGOT-40
Negotiate with Confidence (Text)NEGOT-44
The Three Rules of Win-Win Negotiating BA043
Successful Negotiation

Effective Listening

Listening for Results: How to be an Attentive Listener BA019-40
Listen Up: Hear What's Really Being Said TAKE-44
The Six Essentials of Effective Listening BA063
How to Listen and Double your Influence with Others BA036

Inspire Any Audience: Presentation Tool Kit

Presentation Skills for the Professionally Petrified AM002
How to Prepare a Powerful Presentation BA031
How to Deliver a Winning Presentation BA032
Delivering a Winning Presentation Every Time BA090
High Impact Presentation Text PIKES-44
Practical English and the Command of Words ELIM07
Better Business Writing
Effective Presentation Skills
Giving and Receiving Feedback
50 One Minute Tips to Better Communication
Managing Disagreement Constructively

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service: You're in Control BA014
Customer Service Excellence: It's in the Details (Text)DTAIL-44
Customer Service Excellence: It's in the Details (Video)BA047
Serving Your Customers a Can-Do Attitude BA071
Making Customers Happy BA037
Keeping Customers Coming Back BA038
Everybody Serves Customers BA017-40
Outstanding Customer Service CARE2

Sold on Selling: Skills and Techniques

High-Impact Telephone Selling BA039
Red-Hot Cold Call Selling BA050
Seven Qualities of Top Sales People BA025
Seven Steps to Sales Success BA026
Building and Closing the Sale
Call Center Success
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Telephone Communication Skills

10 Skills for Better Telephone CommunicationBA058
Keep Them Calling: Superior Service on the Telephone (Text)COURT-44
Keep Them Calling: Superior Service on the Telephone (Audio)COURT-40
Quality Customer Service
Calming Upset Customers
Customer Satisfaction
Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service

Stress Management

Successfully Managing Your Job and Yourself AM025
Lighten Up! The Power of Grace Under Pressure AM014
Guiding Employees through Change BA008
Managing Stress Text STRES-44
Making Change Work for You (Text) CHANG

Conducting Performance Appraisals

Conducting the Performance Appraisal: Be a Coach, Not a Judge BA048
The Human Touch Performance Appraisal 1HUMAN-40
The Human Touch Performance Appraisal 2 HUMAN-44
Effective Performance Appraisals

Diversity Management

Diversity Management with Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas BA011
Managing Diversity: A Business Decision BA077-40
Handling Diversity in the Workplace: Communication is the KeyDIVER-44

Taking the Step Up to Supervisor

Taking the Step Up to SupervisorBA041
Taking the Step Up to SupervisorALWAY-40
Taking the Step Up to SupervisorALWAY-44
Motivating Salespeople to Peak Performance BA029
Coaching and Counseling for Sales Success BA030
1001 Ways to Energize IndividualsENRGZ
1001 Ways to Energize Teams 1001T
1001 Ways to Energize Organizations ORGNZ
1001 Ways to Energize Employees BA065
Improving Workplace Performance through Coaching COACH
You Can't Do It All: Effective Delegation for SupervisorsEMPW2
Empowerment Works: A Guide for Supervisors and Employees EMPMT
Excellence in Supervision

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment: Situations for Discussion Training Kit BA007
Sexual Harassment Awareness: What You Need to Know BA085
Sexual Harassment Reminders: Responsibilities for Managers PR0456
Sexual Harassment Reminders: Solutions for Employees Video PR0458
Sexual Harassment for Managers: Zero Tolerance PR0451
Stopping Sexual Harassment Before It Starts (Audio)HARAE-40
Stopping Sexual Harassment Before It Starts (Text)HARAE-44

Managing Employees: Legalities in the Workplace

Legal Issues for Managers (Video)BA089
Legal Issues for Managers (Audio)BEYON-40
Legal Issues for Managers (Text)BEYON-44
Doing the Right Thing: Ethics in the Workplace ETHIC
I Have to Fire Someone! FIRE

Documenting Employee Discipline

How to Legally Document Employee DisciplineBA010
Documenting DisciplineDOCUM-44
Coaching and Counseling
Managing Change at Work
Team Problem Solving
Empowerment: A Practical Guide for Success Group
Project Management
Managing Personal Change

Career Development and Personal Improvement

The Platinum RuleBA056
Simplifying Your Work and Your LifeBA065
Self Esteem: The Power to Be Your BestESTEM
Goals and Goal Setting
Developing Positive Assertiveness
Successful Lifelong Learning

Time Management

Juggling Priorities; How to Balance Your LifeBA061
Focusing on Your Priorities:Getting More Work DoneBA033
Maximizing Your ProductivityBA034
Brian Tracy on Time TMAN-40
Investing Time for Maximum ReturnTRAP-44
How to Get Everything Done DONOW
Personal Time Management
Organizing Your Workspace
Developing Self-Esteem: A Guide for Positive Success
Managing Stress for Mental Fitness

Interviewing Skills

How to Hire the Best Person Every TimeBA013
Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling 2 (Audio)FEEL-40
Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling 2 (Text)FEEL-44
Don't Stop with the Want Ads: Conducting a Successful Job Search SERCH
Job Strategies for New Employees JOBST
Effective Performance Appraisals

Teamwork Skills

Team Up for Success: Building Teams in the WorkplaceBA049
Making Teamwork Work: How to be an Effective Team MemberBA020-40
Team Up for SuccessTEAM2

Leading Teams

Teamwork: 10 Questions & Solutions to Achieve ItBA059
Leading Teams: The Skills for Success (Audio)LEADT-40
Leading Teams: The Skills for Success (Text)LEADT-44
Meeting Openers: Presented by Tim ConwayBA053
Mentoring for SuccessMENTR
Effective Project ManagementPROMA
Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders Group
Team Building: An Exercise in Leadership
Motivating at Work


32 Activities for Coaching and Mentoring InstructorAM031-32
45 Activities for the Organizational Leader InstructorAM074-32
A Collection of Icebreakers, Attention Keepers, and Activities InstructorAM032-32
Training Other People to Train InstructorAM075-32
High Impact Training InstructorAM060-32
The Complete Guide to Effective Facilitation InstructorAM073-32
Training that Works! A Guide to On-the-Job TrainingOJT
Developing Effective Training Sessions
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