Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training program targets newly promoted foremen and supervisors at manufacturing plants with a comprehensive overview of quality control, operations, and supervisory principles.

Specialized skill development training for plant foremen and supervisors.

A new promotion means more challenges and more responsibilities. The Supervisor Training curriculum targets newly promoted foremen and supervisors at manufacturing plants with a comprehensive overview of quality control, operations, and supervisory principles. Or, include this program in your organizational quality improvement plan and recommend it to experienced supervisors who need to brush up on fundamental skills.

With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, statistical process control, and the principles and applications of quality, the courseware teaches students the day-to-day job tasks and interpersonal strategies to become a productive and respected supervisor. They'll learn proven managerial concepts, effective verbal and written communications skills, the latest employee development techniques, and more.

Upon completion of the Supervisor Training program, students will be able to:

You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Supervisor Training course list below.

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Supervisor Training Course List

Principles of Supervision

Trades Safety: Getting Started 186001
Working Safely with Chemicals 186002
Fire Safety 186003
Material Handling Safety 186006
Basic Supervision Skills: Management Concepts 060007
Basic Supervision Skills: How to Plan, Organize, and Control 060008
Basic Supervision Skills: The Process of Motivation 060009
Basic Supervision Skills: Employee Relations 060010
Basic Supervision Skills: Training, Communication, and Coordination 060011
Basic Supervision Skills: Cost Control and Work Simplification 060012

Operations/Communications Enhancement

Manufacturing Systems Technology (Video) VB30XX
Plant Layout 2555A-B
Operation Analysis 2552A-B
Maintenance and Troubleshooting Block 27
Preventive Maintenance 286085
Preventive Maintenance Techniques 286086
Predictive Maintenance 286087
Predictive Maintenance: Vibration Analysis 286088
Predictive Maintenance: Advanced Topics 286089
Practical English and the Command of Words ELIM07
Report Writing 7000A-E
Time Study, Part 1 66016
Time Study, Part 2 66017
Selling Your Ideas 6219

Quality Improvement Concepts and Statistical Process Control

Quality Concepts: Terminology for Management 186035
Quality Control of Manufactured Products 2590
Quality Control for the Technician 38600
Statistical Process Control: An Implementation Guide for
Managers and Supervisors (Video) VB01XX
Process Safety (Video) VS45XX

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 346 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 40.

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