Draftsman Training

Draftsman Training program provides the fundamentals of mechanical drawing.

For beginners learning the fundamentals of mechanical drawing.

Students begin with math, measurements, and safety (Prior to enrollment, they must demonstrate a working knowledge of computer applications taught in Career Development). Basic drafting courses follow and are required before starting on mechanical drawing and applied technologies. Here, trainees learn about basic physics, measuring instruments, and materials testing, and get practical training on drawing and drafting techniques. The Draftsman Training program requires all students to complete forty-five drawing plates.

Successful program graduates are qualified as entry level Detailers, General Drafters, Detail Drafters, and Layout Drafters and can:

You can work with your Training Consultant to devise an individualized program or follow the complete Draftsman Training course list below.

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Draftsman Training Course List

Pre-Technical Foundation Skills

Basic Industrial MathBlock X21
Addition and Subtraction 186008
Multiplication and Division 186009
Fractions, Percents, Proportions, and Angles 186010
Metric System 186011
Formulas 186012
Introduction to Algebra 186013
Practical MeasurementsBlock X22
Linear and Distance Measurement 186021
Bulk Measurement 186022
Temperature Measurement 186023
Energy, Force, and Power 186024
Fluid Measurement 186025
Algebra: Monomials and PolynomialsX0201
Algebra: FactoringX0202
Algebra: Addition and Subtraction of FractionsX0203
Algebra: Multiplication and Division of FractionsX0204
Applied GeometryX0211
Practical TrigonometryX0212
Trades Safety: Getting Started186001

Basic Drafting Skills and Practices

Elements of Print Reading6719A-B
Reading Shop Prints6720A-B
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing3860
Computer Aided Drafting and Design66901
Drafting Kit1200M
Technical Drawing: Basic Concepts for Drafting and CAD (Video)VB59XX
Geometrical Drawing (includes 5 plates)5544A-B
Elements of Projection Drawing (includes 5 plates)5649
Machine Sketching5807
Elementary Mechanical Drawing (includes 8 plates)5434

Mechanical Drafting and Applied Technologies

Principles of Mechanics, Part 1286007
Principles of Mechanics, Part 2286008
Mechanical Drawing (includes 6 plates)5739
Physics, Part 1686003
Physics, Part 2686004
Sheet Metal Drafting (includes 4 plates)5551A-B
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 1186068
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 2186069
Precision Measuring Instruments, Part 3186070
Advanced Mechanical Drawing (includes 17 plates)5773A-B
Mechanical Testing of Materials2608A-B
Mechanical Power Transmission286015

Estimated Curriculum Duration: 1,106 hours (excluding videos).

Number of Exams: 37.

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Optional: AutoCAD

AutoCAD® Release 14 (Video) VB65XX

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